Wednesday, March 15, 2006

City of Angels (Los Angeles)

“South Central”
There’s smoke on the glass.
There’s strain on the street
There’s scar on the baby’s face.
Keep Driving, Baby, you are ripped at your grace.

“Beverly Hills”
There’s ten thousand-dollar purse in the window
There’s broken family in the heaven.
There’s wealthiest animal in hiding.
Keep Driving, Baby, enjoy your empty pleasure till dyin.

“Orange County”
There’s Peace in the Ocean
There’s American Dream in impossibility
There’s place without a friend
Keep Driving, Baby, live your life and grab your chain.

There’s dreamer in the apartment.
There’s trash in the spotlight.
There’s opportunity in the millisecond.
Keep Driving, Baby, smile with broken heart and wait to be hunted.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Thailand Government Reversionary PHP

Thailand Government Reversionary Philanthropic Housing Project

Published in “Proceedings: Creating Livable Communities in Asia Pacific”
@ School of Architecture, University of Hawaii at Manoa
April 9th – 11th, 2003
Honolulu, Hawaii, United States


Low-income Housing in Thailand has been developed since the early 1970s, but the size of irregular settlements in urban areas – ‘slums’ – continues to expand relentlessly. The government’s only solution has been to build more housing complexes or provide low-interest financial loans, without considering other strategic options that should be implemented. Using the most recent government housing projects as a case study, this paper re-analyzes Thailand’s housing problems in order to formulate appropriate plans to achieve “adequate shelter for all”.



Outreach architect

I had a great oppportunity last month to be invited as a visiting professor to teach at Chulalongkorn University, Cultural Management Program. This program is belong to the Graduate School and it is a coordinated program between 3 faculties which are Architecture, Fine Arts and Liberal Arts.

There are several major steps in my life regarding this opportunity. First, it was the first time that I teach Master Degree students. Second, it was the first time that I have to teach and gives grades and assignment. Third, it was the first time that I have to teach non-architecture degree students. And last, it was the first time that I have to do the series of lecture rather than a single one as a visiting lecturer.

I had this opportunity to prove myself whether I can be in a teaching profession. Therefore I was really concerned with several reasons. First, because the wide-variety of students' background make it hard to prepare the teaching documents and slides. And seconds, because it was a 21-hour length of lecture period, I have to make sure i have enough information to give them since they pay so much money to be in this class.

I started preparing for this class since middle of October 2005 to teach in February 2006. If I calculate my hour-rate by dividing the total amount of teaching fee that they gave me with the amount of hours that I spent on preparing, it might come up to 30 Baht per hour which is nothing compare to what I am making at my regular job. However, as an exploration for this career I understand that I need to take this task seriously therefore I can see my limit and my problem in the phase of "performing" to the students.

One thing that makes me feel great is that most of the students write the good comment about me. Not only the nice words but they also write some strong critic regarding my way of teaching such as speed of my English and speed of the slides that they do not have enough time to note things. However, as I saw it, the overall class had a good time and they learned something about the Hotel Operations which is the major pupose of the class and they learn quite a lot regarding "Architecture and Interior Design Professions"



Spread my body into the oceans of fire.
Living the life like there is no tomorrow.
Working in the profession that is not belonging to the culture of party.
It is "me" that survive all the waves of lewd limelight.

Spread my mind into the sky of hallucination.
Living the heart like there is no love.
Playing in the filthy ground that is not belonging to the children.
It is "me" that survive all the rain of rusted liquor.

Spread my spirit into the orbit of hell.
Living the soul like there is no morale.
Staying in the game that is not belonging to the innocents.
It is "me" that survive all the wind of lust.